Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 142.

(posted 12:25PM)
I recently saw the movie: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE,
this influenced some of the monsters on this page. They may
be a little too evil for young kids and the spider and mouse
could disturb some people.Self censorship is an unusual thing
to steer sometimes.Some days you go with the flow and draw
what ever comes to mind, only to see things in a different light
upon completion.

The drawing material changed with this one too. The line quality
has changed since I first started using this pen, the ink bleeds more into the
new paper. I think drawing supplies make a difference. I've been drawing
on 11"X17 "20 lbs copy paper, switched to a heavier stock, but not
happy with it. Funny how long I've been doing this and still looking
for the right "groove".

I'm still making little discoveries with this process,
so much to develop, on something that has not been
fully explored. A combination of math and art.
(posted 8:38PM)

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