Thursday, February 28, 2013

Charles and Batman.

 Another day drawing, starting with Charles.
I liked his photo and wanted to experiment with
an ink brush rendition from the photo.
It was a quick exercise, followed by something more challenging...

...another David Finch work.

 Very fine line work. There is some guess work with this one.
 I'm sure working over actual pencils would make a huge difference.
Still I am learning a lot with these inking exercises.

 Thanks for visiting.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Poe Tree 2

I went by the Dollar Store today and picked up some artificial grapes made from silicone
bubbles. I snipped a small hole on one end of the globes and pushed the brushes through.
Instant brush grips. Comfortable, functional and no more wrapped tape on handles.

I've had a brush in hand everyday this week,
inking a little at a time.

Another Dollar Store item: picnic table cover
snaps. Holds down my pages and easy to adjust.

Combination brush and dip crow quill pens for finer lines.

Almost done here.

Stepping back. I didn't like the feather on his shoulder.
So I took it out.

And the finished page in a couple of sittings.

 I hope you like the show and tell.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poe Tree.

 A while back I had a Photoshop experiment
using photo images, relating to Edgar Allan Poe.
I thought I would make another attempt
using traditional media; pen, brush and ink.

 This is more labour intensive, but the results
are well worth it.
I could not finish it today...but will post on 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finch-Spawn Ink Practice.

 This is my little invention, a tiny cup within a cup, used for inking.
I drilled two holes on a twist off lid of a dollar store container.
The smaller cup is a hairspray lid cover, two sizes fitted together,
so it is removable for cleaning. The larger container is for water.
The brush or nib is not over saturated using this method, keeping
a lighter touch when "loading" the brush.
 Brush stroke practices, line variation and control.
Inking is always something I enjoy doing, but I've only
inked my own work. I thought I would try an experiment,
inking another artist's pencils.
I chose Spawn drawn by Dave Finch,
who has a very organic line work that I can work with.

I started with the cape and hand.

Surprisingly, I can work faster on someone else s finished pencils.
The guess work is left out for the most part.

 I should be able to finish this in one sitting.
So far so good, figure is done.
I will post the finished page soon as it is done.

Thanks for visiting.

And finished at 8PM.
Nice practice.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Finished inks. Colours to come.
Nice exercise in textures with mostly
ink brush work.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013


 Working on my entry for this years CCEE
Art Book. Turned to the "dark side"
for this years theme.

I am working on a few more images for the show
and will have them ready for the convention.

Thanks for visiting.