Thursday, January 06, 2011

Paint Exploration.

I finished very few coloured paintings last year.
The goal for the new year is to create more finished work,
and improve, learn more about my tools.

The picture above is an image from my sketchbook,
playing around with paints on Photoshop.

I've never taken a formal course, so everything is
trial and error. I've got to explore more artist
resources on this program. If you have any recommendations
for tutorials, let me know.



Second one, done tonight on Painter 11.



Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jet Pens Ripped?

 I got a package from Jet Pens, that I ordered just before Christmas.
The whole top section was ripped off. Someone really wanted pens.

Luckily, I got all the contents( minus the invoice)
replacement brush and pencil extender.
This was having a little fun with coloured plastic candy
wrappers, used as filters on the camera.
Combined with Photoshop,
Zach can play with light-sabers.
(Now Caleb wants to be "Dark Vader")


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! (Cheese Man)

"Happy New Year!"
The cheese man said, sitting in his cheesy car
thinking of the many possibilities and promise
of a new year, before the mold catches up
to him smothering his wheels and choking his engines.

" You never know your expiry date..." he thought,
" to lay on the crackers before you taste bad,
and always keep close with the olives and pickles"

Later on he woke beside a carrot stick,
in a creamy dill dip. He'll have to do
some explaining to the little Cheese Miss.