Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 220. Grampie's Woodworks..

I talked with Gary last Saturday about doing up a new business card for him.
The original cards were hand cut individually, framed in a rubber stamp of
a jar. A homemade approach. It has all the important information and
reflects the business image. I suggested using the signage he created
for his little shop, as the business card. I took a picture and took it
home to work on.
I took out the knot in the "G" and the line that went through
"wood works", straightened out the sign...keeping it flat,
minimized the distortion and bumped up the colour and contrast.
Other text was added, which was originally on the back, then
printed and cut it.
I'll post a picture of the original and finished product later.

Thanks for visiting.

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