Saturday, October 30, 2010

(240) Halloween Tank.

This is stage two on the vehicle construction.

I took a $2.00 vinyl green shower curtain and covered
the outside of the tank. The turret was the most complex
section. The sides fold in to compact it.
 I covered the whole thing in vinyl, using staples, tape,
and twist ties (accumulated over the years by a crafty pack rat.)
 (Special effects done in Photoshop.)
Reflective decals attached.
 Acrylic brown paint applied for the camouflage.
 A happy little boy woke up excited and happy,
to find a tank on the living room floor.
 Friends and classmates surround the tank
at the Halloween Dance.(Superman wanted to keep
 punching the tank, until Mom stopped him.)
 C. was pretty happy dancing in his tank.
Rocket is almost done, we got the basic model
to the school dance. Still some upgrades to finish.

More to come.

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