Sunday, November 14, 2010

(243)Show Set Up: Design and Construction.

I have a few shows to do, late into this year.
I decided to work a little bit on the presentation,
starting with a few sketches.

My budget is limited, so I took full advantage of the dollar stores.
The biggest piece are two coat hangers for the basic
upright structure. They are collapsible which is a plus.

I bought a couple of aluminum flag poles after Canada Day,
they are the horizontal sections of the display.
Three pieces of lumber covered in black hockey tape,
to hold the frame together, along with screws and wire.

I bought a collapsible wheeled carrying case
and a hang up fabric sweater storage.
Cardboard in between the storage sections
gave it more support, giving me individual cells
to have product and hardware in.
I covered  the cardboard with a vinyl table cloth,
with staples, tape and twist tie.

A black shower curtain, layered with a starred
table cover  provided a backdrop.

A few sticks of bamboo, twine, paperclips and a few more
do-dads make up the display. (This particular one
was a very narrow table.)

I used the sweater storage as a base for my drawings, sitting on the floor.

Everything in this display fits into the wheeled carrying case.
I keep trying to reduce the amount of hardware
I bring with me, the more I can compact my set-up, the better.

Practical problem solving is always fun for me.

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