Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Sketchbook:1999

A horned Yeti?
Experimentation hybrid of machinery
and fantasy creatures.
Once in a while I dig out an old sketchbook,
and rediscover old creations that still have
so much potential and ask to be given a chance
to bloom and flourish. This would take a lot
of time...but then it becomes a personal challenge.

Last year I took on a challenge of creating an image
everyday. I had a few friends take on the endeavour,
many of them dropped out within three months.
I was about a hundred days shy of a year.

The goal might have been too ambitious.
I will attempt a new challenge taking some images
from old sketchbooks and doing a complete
illustration. One every month, for one year.

I have a few illustrations to finish this month,
but I will do some exploratory sketches,
using the creatures I've shown above.

So it starts.

Thanks for visiting.


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