Sunday, June 26, 2011

Serpent Fire: Stage 3 Inks (WIP)

This is the inks over loose pencil lines. Much of the finishes
are dictated by the ink and brush. I go with the flow,
let it bloom and grow, line by line. I use very few
touch ups to clean the lines (with gouache or opaque white).

Earlier versions of colouring pages were done with
a technical pen, fixed width. The brush lines offer more
volume, variations in the line.

I had to stop close to the bottom...normally I would
finish a page at one sitting. I will finish this today.

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Finished inks,combination of Kuretake brush pen
and Windsor Newton. More control over the W.N,
but takes a little longer, having to dip into the ink and
longer drying time.

(9:26 PM.)

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