Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pencil Box and Drawing Case.

It has been sometime since my last entry...busy over the holidays
and drawing time was few and far between.

I've taken up woodworking. 
Starting with simple boxes for my drawings
and supplies.
This is my first pencil box.
Wood is cut from picture framing
molding(scraps mostly) to make up the sides.
Hardboard panels make up the front
and back. Gesso is applied after sanding,
followed with a base coat of black
and brown acrylic paint.

This particular image started with a red pencil
drawing for structure. Gesso washes provide
the illumination, adding black pencil crayon
sharpens the detail.

This is the back of the box.

The blue circle is a cap for hairspray gel ,
makes a good container for ink.

 This is the base fore my drawing box,
starting with the washes again.
This is a work in progress,
colour to follow...yeah this was
totally experimental, no paint to work with
at the time. I made it work with gesso and
pencil crayons.

Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year!


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