Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Backpack and Joe.

What's my bag?

I paint and draw...
...what ever comes to mind, spontaneous
creativity, lit like candles burning bright,
but only last as long as the wax of inspiration.

Joe Kubert has been on my mind for the last couple of days.
 The influential Master comic Artist died on Sunday August 12th.
I have always enjoyed his illustrative work, the lush ink and brush
work...expressive lines. Unique and beautiful.

Hawkman, The Silent Knight, Enemy Ace, Sgt.Rock, Batman,
Punisher, Tor, Tarzan are just some of the books that come to mind,
that Kubert worked on. Kept in long boxes in the basement of my mind.

He will be missed.

Funny thing...I've thought  about Joe Kubert every week for the past year.
There is a man who looks like him, waiting at the train station, who I see
every other day. I have never spoken to him.

Walking by the beach at La Jolla California, I came upon Joe Kubert
looking out into the ocean. Out of respect, I did not disturb his quiet
moment with the world.

I talked to him a few days later at the San Diego Comic Convention,
about his part in bringing Filipino artist into the industry. He gave much of the 
credit to Joe Orlando and Carmine Infantino. He had high praise for the Filipino Artists.
I shook his hands and I walked away with a memory I will always treasure.

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