Saturday, March 09, 2013

Brush Pens,Gaius and Six

These brushes are my current favourites.
I have done a simple comparison with the different brushes.
Windsor Newton and Kuretake natural hair, works best for me.
The latter has more "spring" and a nice clean sharp edge, when new.
I can do an entire page with one cartridge on the Kuretake.
The traditional brush gives me more "thick to thin" as
the hairs are thinner and longer. Regulating the amount of ink
that loads is the trick to learn.

They are beautiful things that can create magic on paper.
A tool that has changed little in centuries, and has given
many people knowledge,beauty and expression.
This is the Kuretake natural hair brush.

Loving the lines.

Filling the blacks with a broader brush.
Finished and wanting to move on to the next one.

Thanks for visiting.

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