Sunday, April 21, 2013

Joe Madureira Wolverine, Ink Study.

Joe Madureira has been a favourite Artist, since his early
"X-Men" work for Marvel Comics and "Battle Chasers"
for Cliffhanger-Image.
 This is my fifth attempt at inking another artists work.
It has been a very informative process and something
I've come to enjoy.
Most of the inks here were done with the
Kuretake synthetic brush pen. It still has
its sharp point, so well suited for this job.

 The chain links took the most time to do
on this piece.
 I left filling in the blacks for last.
A very cool page to complete.

I will be at table J03 at Artist Alley on April 26th-28th
at the Calgary Comic & Entertaiment Expo!

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