Wednesday, September 07, 2005

PCP034-036 Flood

Many years ago,

It rained all night.When we woke up,water had risen into the house.Slippers
sat on the water like boats. Snakes took shelter in the house,slithering on walls
and swimming around our island bed.

My brother Gary and I made it outside later in the day.The wooden basketball net
had fallen and made a perfect raft. Frogs,toads,snails and snakes were plenty.

There was a Funeral home across the street.The owner had the family home connected.
I came over once in a while to play with their kids and watch TV. One afternoon I was sitting up
in a tree in their backyard, a Mother came in with her child about six years old.She was crying.
The boy was very still as the man looked him over.
Urine stained the boy's pants and streamed off
the table.I laughed to myself,thinking the boy was just sleeping.


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