Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PCP038-42 Artifacts & Inventions


Inventions. Everyday someone has a bright idea, but how many take the time to record them?
This little design for an ink-feeding cartridge to a natural hairbrush is just an idea; I may take the time to build a prototype. See if it can really work? I may have a few more similar artifacts in my sketchbooks, ranging from book cover-carriers, book shelving and store designs, toys and games.

Dragons pop up in my sketchbooks now and again…waiting for stories to be told.

PCP039-41 Artifacts.

An old ice cream bucket holds an assortment of pencil crayons and other small trinkets of a childhood shared between sisters. A plastic little boy in blue overalls has been separated from a forgotten play set. An Avon broach hides a compartment for a lip moisturizer, it seemed every girl I knew in elementary school had at least one. Rubberstamps with dated images, girls in bell bottom pants and cute puppies, once decorated letters and notes to friends long since moved away.
Funny how you remember childhood friends, they retain their youth forever and ever. Never aging in memory. Like home movies in your brain.

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