Friday, July 02, 2010

Day 173. Old Sketchbooks.

I have filled many pages, in many sketchbooks,
since attending ACAD. I'll be posting select pages,
starting with these from 1991.
At one time I recorded my dreams in a notebook,
kept by the bedside. Dreams of flying was a
recurring theme.
I've never seriously thought
about hang gliding or parachuting.
This is Ed and Dianne. We spent countless afternoons
and evenings playing cards. Something I've passed
on, focusing more on the sketchbook and work.
I'll have to play a few hands now and then...
see if I can win a few hands and beat
the "three stooges".

(12:16 PM)

My boys were watching BOB THE BUILDER before bed.
I sketched for a bit on the couch.

I spent some time with the family today. We went out shopping,
bought art supplies and had dinner out. My eldest just completed
grade one, this was an unofficial celebration. They grow so
quickly and "pick up "so many things, that they constantly
surprise me. I like to stimulate their creative side with drawing,
 painting and just talking with them and listening to their ideas.

On a warm day we put out a picnic blanket on the front lawn.
Between my sons I laid on my back, looking up at the clouds,
and saw imaginary waves crashing on islands, dragons
riding on the wind. They talk of ants, crystal skulls and
bazooka troopers. Sometimes their chatter is background noise,
but it is important to listen to what they say...and I know I will
miss those little moments someday.

(11:16 PM)

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