Monday, July 05, 2010

Day 176. Tibetan Monks.

Sketchbook 1991.
Tibetan monks were visiting ACAD.
They created a sand mandala on the main hall.

I was using the V-tech Uniball pens for a lot of my sketch work then.
Very thin uniform likes, that took a lot of strokes to fill in the shade.
I'm sure it's nothing compared to doing detail work with grains of sand.

(10:56 AM)

These little drawings is another exploration in
halftones, using Photoshop. These are posted 11:51 PM.

This one posted 12:06 AM.
Seeing how to do it faster.
Original is water coloured.Knocking out the colours took
a little bit of time. The process would be faster with flat
or gradated tones. Line work on top.


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