Friday, December 24, 2010

(256) Wind Mobility Mural.

This mural work kept me busy for a few days.
This was a team effort, led by William Lazos,
who has done some amazing work.
This was the building after two days of work.

Conditions was less than ideal, low temperatures
thickened paints and brushes, duct tape into shreds,
and adhesives not to stick. Heat guns came in handy.

Paint would start as a liquid, then the consistency of
yogurt, then tooth paste,then glue, then hard ice cream.

We got it done in five days. It warmed up enough
on the very last day. I would do it again, but
maybe wait for warmer weather.

This was the last bit of detail we finished off.
Elana Busan and I got it down to the wire,
with enough time for clean up. Additional
help was provided by fellow Calgary
Artist Dale Bott.

The painting will be up until Spring, another one
will follow...could be a surprise?

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