Sunday, April 04, 2010

Day 84. Theme Day Easter.

 Happy Easter!
I am spending time with family today. The boys had their egg hunt this morning and may have a couple more, before the day is done.
 Gramper strung up gummie worms on the apple tree last year, he could be up to something
creative this year too.  
  On to the drawings. First version (inked) have the rounded features, softer and more traditional. A ittle Bugs Bunny feel to it.
 The second (pencils) has more angular lines. I like the feel of it, but could do more on the clean up. The symmetry  on the head could be better. There is always something to learn from each drawing, we grow with every page completed. I have three sketchbooks on the go, different dimensions, paper and format. It is hard to leave home without one. Am I obssesive? Thanks for coming by. GarSeeYa! 

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