Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 91 Sunday Theme: Time Machine.

When I was a boy, I built many imaginary structures out of cardboard,furniture, blankets
cushions, pillows, anything that was handy to supply the imagination. My boys get to do this now
and somedays, I get into it with them. Sometimes my wife is looking after three boys.
Time machines have always gotten my interest. THE TIME MACHINE , a movie done in the 1960's,
was something that I got to see on afternoon tv movie matinees. The machine itself with the spinning wheel
was an interesting design,( we got to see it again on the LOIS AND CLARK tv show)and that influenced
some of these drawings. BACK TO THE FUTURE is a movie trilogy,that brings back fond memories
of youth spent with my brothers and friends. They were fun to watch. I get to enjoy them with my
sons from time to time. This was an entertaining part of my Sunday afternoon.

 Thanks for visiting. GarSeeYa!


sander said...

thats tight man

G. Gerald Garcia said...

Thanks Sander. Spent a little more
time on these two. GarSeeYa!