Wednesday, August 17, 2005

M's Birthday-PCP #16

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Yesterday was my wife's birthday. Another year. Another decade.

We celebrate the blessings in our life.

I decided to make a trip to the Calgary Tower, to surprise M.

This would be the first bus ride for Zachary. After lunch we quickly got ready to make the bus on time.

It was wet and foggy when we got outside, the drizzle landed on Zachary, a million beads of crystals on feathery hair. I took a picture of him standing on the sidewalk before the # 13 came down the street. The Bus driver gave us a smile as I stepped on to the big white bus.

Zachary sat on my knee, in a gentle hug. I often think of "hugging my inner child" when I hold him in my arms. Thinking how much time my Father lost away from his children working so hard early in our lives. Time you never get back. I cherish the time I have with Zach, as we wind through the wet streets. Looking out at the houses and empty playground.

We ride through the corridor of million dollar houses of lower Mount Royal, perfect facades for people who can afford them. Rarely do I see the families that live in them.

The route went into downtown. We got off at the Bay, about three blocks from the Tower.

I showed Zachary some of the unique architecture and sculptures on Stephen Avenue. Touching the masonry, sculpted stone and metalwork of converted banks. Zack tugged on the tail of an iron horse outside of Saltlick's, which gave a little clang as he let go.

M- was not at the front desk when we arrived at the Tower. We peeked through twenty-foot tall windows looking into the lobby. "Mom" Zachary stated, pointing at the picture of the Tower used as a backdrop for the photographers at reception. Brian, the man at the counter directed me to where M- was, cashing out in the tiny office. I poked Zachary's head into the door to hear an excited "Hi Punkin!"from my wife.

We made the rounds as M- showed Zachary to some of her co-workers. Zachary was not too impressed meeting so many people. A trip to the top of the landmark was in order and standing on the new glass floor was long over due. We looked down through the fog at little cars on slick black streets, how little noise a city makes from high above.

We stopped at a water fountain at the Encana building. Zach got his hands wet, surrounded by tropical plants, touching the azure painted bottom.

Burgers and fries, grilled chicken salad was ordered at Dairy Queen. We sat in a booth where Zach was preoccupied with eating catsup dipped with a straw.

We made our way home on a crowded bus. A box of yellow roses sat on my lap, water spilling out of an unstable vase. Zachary cuddled on M- knees as he suckled on a milk bottle. Windows steamed. Windshield wipers waved like a metronome. We got out at the stop and walked to our house around the corner. A nap was next on the agenda.


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