Thursday, August 18, 2005

PCP #17 - #18

I spent way too much time doodling in my note books in elementary and high school. If I had received credit for those, I would have been done a lot faster. At ART college I didn't have to draw in my class notes, I had most of my days creating ART.

These postcards have brought back the "random doodle"-the only difference: I'm not limited to four colors of a ball point pen. (Red,green,blue and black-those blue and white clickable ones)

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# 18- The kid with the hat and gotee' is Bone-apart a little character from an old sketchbook, still lurking in the back of my mind. The lanky one is a reaction to FREZATTO an artists/writer who's work I'm currently reading, but not while I'm typing.

GarSeeYa!!!- your comments would be very much appreciated, I'd just like to know who's out there?

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