Thursday, August 11, 2005

PCP #11 - #13

PCP #11: My wife and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday.Being somewhat limited in funds and time this week,like every other guy,I did the "last minute thing".A stop at PANAGO'S PIZZA for a large tropical Hawaian.Bernard Callebaut chocolates next door for a small sweet batch, placed in a box with a little card I drew up on the bus.Still it never seems enough.

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PCP #12-#13:The first was the random line method again.Started with the cool lines,followed by red,finished with black.The second was initiated with a basic body outline,red broad strokes followed by defining black.Background figures added,oppted not to color those.The figure work has some M.Golden and E.McGuiness influence.My lines have been influenced by so many,yet the results still have something totally my own.

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Starting on August 12th,I am opening up this blog to everyone for comments.
I wanted to have more content before I cast it out on electronic,pixilated waves,like a messege in a bottle.

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Dave said...

Good to see your work, Gerald! I've been checking in on your blog every week or so, to see how you're doing.

Keep exploring, Happy Anniversary and best of luck in 2011!