Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Postcard Pastime 2005 (PCP05-01)

A few years ago my wife said "Nobody writes letters anymore".As is my nature to go overboard,I wrote her 100 letters,followed by 100 postcards.She still has all of them in a box someplace.

I have a pack of these 4X6 index cards I use for thumbnail page layouts, the perfect size for quick sketches-portable too.
I have set up a personal challenge,"Create 100 postcards in 100 Days." I am allowing myself a little freedom, by having the allowance to do more than one in a day.
"Did you draw today?"was the question I always asked myself,before days end- a ritual set up some time ago, the practice fell by the wayside when my Son came along.(As I'm typing this, Zack is passing me one art supply after another)Drawing is part of who I am, I find a need to continually challenge myself to produce, no matter how small.

So this is the first of a hundred...


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