Saturday, August 27, 2005

PCP 24-26 Fragments

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I got too involved in a drawing one day. Coming home on the bus, I missed my stop.
By four blocks. I ended up at the corner store renting a movie, so my trip would not be wasted.
A walk in the rain was needed. Colors are made sharper in a dark hue. Fallen apples on the grass, like golden nuggets surrounding the tree. Water coming down the storm drain in a rush, an echoing water fall. Leaves are strewn about on the sidewalk, green and yellow signaling summer’s end. Sunflowers and other flowers bob in the gentle rain, skirting the perimeters of a schoolyard, waiting for the hands of young explorers.

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Digging in the garden one night. Harvesting small potatoes from a poor crop. Ants are dug up with the roots. They have fed on the soft skin of the vegetable, leaving them rough and speckled. Earthworms, unearthed, shrink in the cold air. They are transplanted to the composter, before the birds ever see them.

Zachary sat in my lap, squirming as the Nurse reached for the needle. I hold onto his wrists and pinch his feet between my legs to prevent any mishaps. It is not an easy task or a comfortable one. We are not often asked to restrain our children, but it is not everyday they get inoculation shots. He remembered the building and the room when we got there.
After the shots were given and we started to comfort him with milk, the Nurse came with a little more information. Zachary would not let her near him and cried again.
Later that night, he would point at his shoulders and give a faint “Aooohhh,”it would be a hard night. He took his medicine without complaint and slept until eight o’clock in the morning.
Late in the afternoon we waited for M at the bus stop. She was not on the usual bus, came back home and picked apples. We met M half way down the street when we heard the transit bus go by. After supper and a nap we went to My Favorite Ice Cream Shop. M had two scoops strawberry and brownie. I had tiger tail and chocolate cheesecake.

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We took the long way around getting home, thinking we would get time to play in the park for a little while. The sun was almost setting as we made our way through the neighborhood. There are In-fill homes under construction every few blocks. Inflating the value of inner city properties, to live in desirable homes. M points out the ones she likes, and I think to myself that it would be “sometime” in coming. We have our hopes and dreams like everyone else, but we are happy with what we have…and there are those who have far less.


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