Sunday, August 14, 2005

PCP #14

  I missed my bus coming home yesterday.I had half an hour to wait ,so I did a postcard sketch.It has been years since I made Art on street level.A few years ago,when I worked downtown, I was sketching down here on a regular basis.Times change,much like the downtown core.One of the constants has been this statue in front of the Hudsons Bay Company-(if you ask me the title for the statue,I could not tell you)

 Sat on a funky smelling bench,residual energy from the semi-permanent residence of Stephen Avenue.Tourists take pictures of the statue and a converstion goes on the pay phone as I draw.Wedding photographs are taken at the crosswalk,the second one I'd seen in a month.

 Half an hour can go by so quickly...yet a billion things occured with little thought.


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