Saturday, May 08, 2010

Day 119.

Thanks for the advice F and J. I figured it out, but the image looses some of
the warmth of the original. The grey tones are lost too. I'll have to experiment
a little more, but it is workable to convert to black and white.
Extra steps, for work, so I'll have the regular white page sketchbooks
going at the same time. It is good to switch dance partners, once in a while.
Thanks for visiting. GarSeeYa!
(posted 3:15 PM)

The new sketchbook again, with a few more doodles.
I have to figure out how to knock out the background colour,
on some of the images, when I need a white background.
Not something I do everyday, since I usually work on white
paper. I'll get to learn something new.
Thanks for visiting. GarSeeYa!

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