Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 130.

I've included a few literary characters, see how many you recognize.

 I received the new brush pen today.
I'll apply it to the new colouring page to see the difference.
 GarSeeYa! (posted 11:15 AM)
New brush pen came in today. I've tried it out.
It requires a soft touch and control. Patience and practice
is key to mastering the tool.(side note: the fibre tip on other pens
gives more resistance on paper, its stiffness gives a little more control.)
It came in a fancy wood box, with three ink cartridges.
I also ordered a PLATINUM ink converter. I still
need to buy the ink. Any recommendations for inks?
The brush gives me more variety in line weights,
a more expressive line.This pen will be a constant
in my pencil box and many sketching sessions.

Thanks for visiting.
(posted 4PM)

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