Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 125.

These are trading card sized images. Ink brush on watercolour.
The subject emerges line by line and may reflect a personality
and state of mind. I'm not sure what this says about me.

A busy day was had. We saw IRON MAN 2, did lunch, went shopping.
Then out to dinner. A coffee and chat.Catching up with an old friend.

I did the sketch in about 30 minutes. A little more rushed than usual.
I got it done before midnight, so it still makes GIRL FRIDAY.
The quickness gives up accuracy and care. Evidence is in the eyes
and proportion. Refinements could have been done in the blue
line stage. I went over it in inks, so no erasing or corrections.
Still, we learn something from every drawing.
This was done with a Pitt Pen.
Thanks for visiting.
(posted 12:14AM)


edtonner said...

I had this idea for a tcg a long time ago that was more image based, no text. It would be more like a Tarot deck than a Magic deck. Your trading card images reminded me of it.

G. Gerald Garcia said...

Did you ever get to develop it?
Prototype,sketches...ideas on paper? Thanks. GarSeeYa!