Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 133.

One of my abandoned pages, this one got along further than the others.
Some of the characters look a little too evil for a kids colouring book.
There are worse things out there, but I am aiming for a family friendly
book. I got five out of twelve done this week. A good start.
Thanks for visiting. GarSeeYa!
(posted 9:38 AM)

Sunday themes are back with the Daily Blogger.
The chosen theme is "favourite Disney moment or scene".
This was a tough one, since there are so many
to choose from.The early Disney movies I saw were
the classics:Snow White,Bambi,Pinocchio,Dumbo...
but I have to go with the short film: "The Old Mill" and
"Fantasia", for one special moment,
 it made me love animation and creating art.
 That continues to this day.

 Thanks. GarSeeYa!
(posted 10:45 PM)

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