Thursday, May 06, 2010

Post 116.

It's funny how changing drawing tools can effect my progress.
I'd been struggling with some character development of late. I played around with inks today
and dug up some old  Prismacolor blue line and  Ticonderoga pencils.
I started drawing with those, after dinning out with my family, I started having better
results. It might have been the time away from the drawing table, or the switch in tools.
It could be both. It is very cool to be able to draw everyday.
I wish I can have days like this, more often.
Thank for visiting. GarSeeYa!
(posted 11:45)

Ink wash. brush work after.


edtonner said...

Love the ink washes. Don't see them much anymore.

Sean K. Dunkley said...

*cheers Garcia onwards* :D !!!