Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 131.

This is the most structured page of the series, so far.
A flip page, rotated, two directions of up.

 For publication, I am considering a calendar format,
so pages can be separated for easier colouring.
Pages would be printed one side at 11"X17",
using heavy weight paper.

(Any thoughts on the format?)

 Thanks for visiting.
(posted at 10:15 AM)

This one got away from me. The EVIL DOC hijacked
the colouring page, and demanded I complete his picture.
The test tube looked evil-nasty, so I gave in.
Please note: EVIL DOC has encased and
bound Girl Friday in the iron suit.

(Taking full advantage of the
Kuretake brush pen.
Posted 6:37PM)

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